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Excerpt from the Council Bluffs Nonpareil review of B&D's "Beauty & the Beast

A hush fell over the audience as music from an eight-piece orchestra resounded through the Chanticleer Community Theatre Thursday night. A narrator's voice joined in, telling the story of a vain prince doomed to a life of ugliness until he learned the meaning of true love.

The preview showing of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" had officially begun.

From the very start, this well-produced Broadway version of Belle and the Beast held the audience captivated until the end. Judging from their reaction, all of the hard work put in by B&D Productions paid off.

Based on Disney's well-known animated movie, the audience was swept into a world of enchantment. The hand-painted sets and the stage lighting were covered in vibrant colors and the costumes, created by Ibsen Costume Gallery, owned by Dwayne Ibsen, who also directed, were cleverly done.

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