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Rentals for TAG Member Organizations

If your organization is a member of the Theatre Arts Guild, Bright Spot Lighting is willing to rent it's stock to you for a screaming deal!

Frenels,  Only $30.00 /month

Par 64s only $25.00 /month

Ellipsoidals, various degrees, only $35.00 /month

Sound Equipment

Let us put together the perfect system for your needs.  Better yet, let us design the entire show for you, from the design work, the equipment, delivery & setup.  Some of the toys we have at our disposal:

Amplifier Racks

Effects Racks

More Effects racks

Monitor Speakers

Sound Mixing Consoles

Isn't she pretty?  Yes, we DO know what all those knobs do.

TASCAM tape units

and plenty of Speakers!

A sample of our microphone inventory
This is only a small sample of the equipment we have available to do your show.  Give us a call, or email us to discuss your needs.

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